Toothpaste – TV Years

Dome Hall – Sugarray

Johnny Kills – My Shirt Guy Is High

Beach Riot – Slackers

Illyin Pipes – Waking Up

Wolf & Moon – Garden Of Potential

Fins Ara – Alone

HAWK – Sin

Wyldest – Hitchhiker

SUNKEN – Swoon

James M Carson – Calico

ZELAH – Run Away

#BitterSweetPlaylist #7

Videocean – Fruitless Fever

Young Earth – Worth It

Richard Walters – Starlight 

My Crooked Teeth – Better Off

Grymm – Gravity

Tiger Blanket – Sweet & Salty Treat

Liam McClair – Fame

Swimming Tapes – Queen’s Parade

Dome Hall – Nason

The Boxing – One By One

Fins Ara – Veer

Orchards – Darling

Birthday Card – Heartstops

Little Grim – Hoodie

Cop Graveyard – Are You Happy You’re Here?

Milo’s Planes – Fidget In Paralysis

Maria Kelly – Far Below

Talmont – Wilt

Pool Art – Misery Porn

Ellie Bleach – Duvet Day

Keston Cobblers Club – Bicycles

M8s Records – WW3D

Oddnesse – Scream

#BitterSweetPlaylist #6

Josey Marina – Heavy

Girl Ray – Stupid Things

Johnny Lloyd – Running Wild

Kane Strang – Oh So You’re Off I See


#BitterSweetPlaylist #5

Prides – Away With The Night

PATHS – Neoprene

Haunt the Woods – Beautiful Catastrophe

Too Cool Kid – Sleep Me Off

A Festival, A Parade – People Person

Kidsmoke – Waves

Dorine Levy – Feelings

Tokyo Tea Room – Worlds Apart

The Golden Age of TV – Between Each Brick

Bitter Sweet Symphonies’ Favourite Tracks of the Year

Labradoor – Off the Ground

Happyness – Falling Down

Dama Scout – Forget It’s Good

Pool Art – Don’t Feed Me To Them

Talmont – Buried In Gold

Mango Retreat – Here On The Earth

#BitterSweetPlaylist #4

#BitterSweetPlaylist #3

Australia – Breathe In

Broken Flags – Dare To Dream

DONCAT – Western

Tokyo Tea Room – Like A Drug

Bat and Ball – Cruel Cats

Rosemary Fairweather – Calling Listening

Softer Still – New Age

Piano Club – Comets

ISLAND – Come With Me

Johnny Kills – Maybe Next Year

AZTEX – Talking To Myself

Rosemary Fairweather – Chemicals

Maria Kelly – Black & Blue

Persian Poems – Farewell Symphony

Amanda Merdzan – Glow

Klangstof – Amansworld

Johnny Kills – Take It Easy

SKATERS – The Loner

Parkwave – Frames

ISLE – Kid

Divine Youth – Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes

Great News – Secrets

Milo’s Planes – Sentiment

Crows – Unwelcome Light

LiVVO – Open & Close

Olivia Sebastianelli – Lighting Fires

Wyldest – Wanders

Sara Hartman – Two Feet Off The Ground

Swimming Tapes – Souvenirs

Slow Riot – Trophy Wife

Grymm – Jurassic

Swerve – Self Titled EP

Vinten – Creep

Foreign Air – In The Shadows

Kidsmoke – Cut Yourself Loose

Luna Shadows – Cry Wolf

#BitterSweetPlaylist No. 2

The Oscillation – Truth In Reverse

2015 in Review: Tracks of the Year

Maybug – Out To Sea

Fairchild – Nom De Guerre


Bowen – Look Here Now

The Night VI, Turn Your Light On Me

LiVVO – You

Work Drugs – Chase the Night

Surf Rock is Dead – Zen A

Bowen – Your Arms Are My Walls

Puppet Rebellion – Watch Me Fall

IYES – Simmer

Phantom Runners, Laserbeam

The Watchmakers, To Be Part Of You

Morning Smoke, Hunger

Playlist Friday’s #2

Playlist Friday’s #1

Cheerleader, On Your Side

Lovelife, Nova (acoustic version)

Tom Prior, The Altar

The Eskimo Chain, Feel Me / Riding

Delamere, Headstrong

Lonesound Releases The Great Outdoors On Limited Edition Vinyl

Moses Gunn Collective, Shalala

Harts, Angels Walk Below

Grand Pavilion, Weightless

Money On Verema, Guillotines

Leaders of Men, For Want Of A Better Word

Lowpines, Call Off The Hunt

Pretty City, Roll On

New Music You Need In Your Life

Bear’s Den, Elysium

Kolorsol, Diablo

Broken Hands: Silver Landing Program

Leon Else – Protocol (The Jane Doze Remix)

The Fratelli’s free download series

Duke and the Darlings – Svengali Says

Caoilfhionn Rose Birley/Ruby-Ann Patterson/Laurel/Nadine Carina

The Love Junkies/Cub Sport/Hey Geronimo

The Nankeens, Scenester

James Bay/Phia/The Ninth Watch/Neon Rouge/Alaska Campus/Foreign Affairs

Broken Hands/Lovelife/King No-One/Syd Arthur/The Struts

Moscow/Minor Blues/CuT/Guy Connor/Ruby Tuesday/Logan Stryx/The Black Rabbits

Indiana/Wake Owl/Superfood/Me/Kill for Company/K.I.D.S/Bromheads/Coasts

Second Shepherds/Where’s Strutter/The Unassisted/Peur/Puppet Rebellion

Frank’s Wild Years/ Mercury Field/ Bright Young Things/ Turrentine Jones/ Mutineers

Mog Stanley EXCLUSIVE Demo’s Review

The 1975/Cave Painting/Check in the Dark/Frank Hamilton/Haim/Imagine Dragons/Swim Deep/Milo Greene/Peace/San Cisco/ JJAMZ

Tipped for Greatness

The Best of the Bunch: New and Emerging Folk Artists

Wolf Gang

The Civil Wars, Kingdom Come

King Charles, The Madness Of Impending Doom

10 Artists that you should definitely check out

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