LISTEN: Too Cool Kid – ‘Sleep Me Off’

Cambridge alt-rock trio Too Cool Kid make a contrasting return with their latest track ‘Sleep Me Off’.

Jumping in the deep end towards a more emotive style of songwriting, ‘Sleep Me Off’ is packed with raw, uncompromising vocals and in doing so takes a different, more angular turn from their previous riff heavy releases. ‘Sleep Me Off’ is on such a different level you probably wouldn’t think it was Too Cool Kid on first listen, yet as the track progresses it becomes louder and louder with its riveting bassline and drumbeats.

It’s obvious that Too Cool Kid wanted to reach out to less heavy, more harmonic depths with this track and that’s exactly what they have done. This exploration in their style really shows the potential of TCK and the tunes that they create. These new, emotionally rich and rhythmically textured waters they’re entering are impressive for any artist to be testing, if Too Cool Kid keep releasing such emotionally heavy tracks they could find themselves with an ever growing fan-base because “The air is clearer after water has consumed you.”

‘Sleep Me Off’ is available digitally on Bandcamp here.

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Charlotte Ryan
A music loving teen from the mighty 'Boro @Charlou142

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