ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. Because we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


Canadian Micah Visser makes music under the moniker Boniface, an ode to the town he grew up in. As the third release from the group this year, ‘Dear Megan’ wastes no time in hitting heady heights. Bursting with incisive rhythm, the track raises Killers-esque synth blasts to classic indie instrumentation, while Visser’s personal song lyrics convey the heart which glues everything together. It’s a beautifully crafted song that is instantaneous in its appeal and unequivocally entertaining without lacking substance. Music doesn’t come much better than this.


As the final piece in Odina’s recent string of releases, ‘I’ll Carry You’ completes a body of work for the Spanish singer/songwriter which platforms her enchantingly personal and resonant musics in close-knit proximity. A gentle ballad, ‘I’ll Carry You’ exudes concentrated energies but takes the intimate feeling a step deeper through a warm but incisive delivery from its singer. The lyrics are sung desperately and intensely, it is easy to discern and acknowledge that the sentiment behind Odina’s strong message of resolve has been fought to achieve, in order to land in this place of strength and understanding of one’s self (and the human condition). A subtle but direct confirmation of the incredible artist that Odina is.


Norway’s Lokoy is the musical project of Lasse Lokøy. The songwriter, musician and producer recorded this debut during a spell of touring with his other love, acclaimed pop-punk collective Sløtface. The track is left-leaning in its urge to experiment but is just as successful in delivering hook-driven pop. Joining Lokøy on shared vocals is streaming sensation Girl in Red (Marie Ulven) – and the collaboration makes total sense. Alongside ambiguous but purposeful lyrical combinations, the overall presentation is not to confound but in fact, connect. Presenting a sonic metaphor, Lokoy proposes that our surroundings often intrude, or even in some cases, define the situations that we find ourselves in, and the lyrics echo this: “It’s about a relationship which is harmed by external factors and how those surroundings can complicate a situation that is fairly uncomplicated to begin with. Sometimes, it’s hard to rise above your position and view things independently, because you will always be defined in relation to your surroundings.” If this debut is anything to go by, then we expect Lokoy to be a very exciting breakthrough act in 2018.


Released on Dumont Dumont, the debut EP from ViVii invigorates; combining luxurious dream-pop production and textured twin-vocals, intricacy is woven within gentility – and it might just blow your mind. The collaboration between Swedish musicians Emil Jonsson, Caroline Jonsson and Anders Eckeborn, feels kismet; their ability to intertwine airy atmospherics with weightless cinematics is the stuff that dreams are made of, the music is fulfilling and withstands any notion of cliche. ‘Savant’ leads as the title track of the record and paints a picture reminiscent of Angus & Julia Stone, yet ViVii’s approach is resolutely unique to exist in a world of its own. Caroline’s breathy caress is first to deliver lyrics which blossom into evocative hazes, Emil’s falsetto joins in for a second verse which develops this soaring feeling further, before an extended soundscape envelops all but drops of simple vocal harmony and sampled vocalizations.


Neon new wave provocateurs Wooze make their bold entrance with debut, ‘Hello Can You Go.’ The Korean/British duo prove there’s still much fun to be had when creating and producing, yet it is indeed rare that music of this calbire appears just by happenstance. With a collection of celebrated musical endeavors to their names already, the exciting twosome bring about a promising partnership with Wooze – what with the patterned genre-blending and psychotropic wonkiness of the vocal delivery, ‘Hello Can You Go’ is brimming with elegance and stamina. Figuring that ‘Hello Can You Go’ is Wooze at level one, we can’t wait to hear whatever arrives next.

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