LISTEN: Bowery – ‘Rolling It Up’

‘Rolling It Up’ is a mighty fine start from Manchester five-piece, Bowery.

Opening with a face melting riff, Bowery hit the ground running. A great blending of desert rock and psychedelia ensues and by the chorus, all hell breaks loose. Thick layered guitars make for an absolute treat, acting like black treacle smoothly coating the mix, it’s enough to leave you in a trance-like state. By this point, the groove is immeasurable, the energy is immense and all is good.

With a snarling attitude and moody tones, you can hear the influence of understated Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys shining through, add a bit of Hendrix and you’re on to a winner. In terms of production, you can’t really get much bigger than this – sounding as though the band have been recorded and amplified miles across the Joshua Tree desert.

You can really get a sense of the band’s demeanour, you can tell that they are pissed off in an actions speak louder than words way. It’s a real insight into the mind of the narrator, you almost feel like you are watching through somebody else’s eyes. This tune was made to be blasted in a dingy basement, guitars turned up to eleven. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from Bowery after this monstrous tune. So, let the ceiling cave in and let’s roll up another one.

You can catch Bowery at Manchester’s Night & Day Café on 23rd September 2017. More details can be found here.

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