LISTEN: Australia – ‘Breathe In’

In the tradition of Europe and America, Australia aim to write songs that sound as huge as the continents they’re named after, and Breathe In certainly takes this aim to heart. As stadium rock goes, it’s a great example.

A rousing blend of jangly guitars and growling synthesizers, Breathe In combines the influences of both contemporary and early 80s rock music. As a result, it draws comparison (especially in the guitar department) to late-era U2, but more notably to White Lies.

At times this comparison seems quite blatant; the vocal delivery and production are particularly similar, but the pumping drums and air of swagger-infused confidence make the track enjoyable nonetheless.

It’s not music for thoughtfully nodding along to, it’s music to hit the town and get blind drunk to. A cheerful, fun track with plenty to offer to your pre-drinks playlist.

The band are heading out on a nationwide tour across Australia in support of the release this September. For ticket info and dates, head here.

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