LISTEN: Rosemary Fairweather – ‘Chemicals’

Never judge a book by its cover. When you first see the name Rosemary Fairweather, you can be forgiven for assuming that the Toronto songstress is a folk artist, someone writing music that conjures up images of Scarborough Fair and freshly cut wheat for men with beards to nod thoughtfully along to.

But you’d be wrong. In fact, Rosemary Fairweather showcases a slick, mercilessly catchy pop vibe, as the gorgeous Chemicals’ shows.

Kicking off with a deceptive glissando of guitars that steadily shifts into a firm groove, ‘Chemicals’ is rife with intrigue, and demonstrates an impressive level of instrumental dexterity. From the clarity of Fairweather’s sweet, breathy vocals to the pleasant twirling dance of flutes towards the end, this song sounds as smooth and effortless as spreading soft butter onto freshly toasted bread.

Urgent yet also delightfully carefree, Fairweather flits away any hint of concern with the passing sigh of ‘chemicals, chemicals…let me go, let me go’And it’s the little details that make this track sound so refined. The pitched vocals towards the tail end of the track, the inclusion of an ascending scale on (what resembles) harp in the second verse and the hints of orchestral cacophony, all make for a sophisticated and intoxicating listen.

This is dream pop at its most scientific: every snare hit, every gliding guitar line is calculated for maximum impact but rather than sound soulless, ‘Chemicals’ sounds vivacious and joyful.

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