LISTEN: A Festival, A Parade – ‘People Person’

Following their debut release ‘If Dogs Could Talk’ last Autumn, it’s a swirling shimmering start by the Geordie lads at A Festival, A Parade with their new single ‘People Person’.

The track’s twisting and pulling dynamics creep absorbingly into a kaleidoscope of sonic chaos. Although at times the lyrics are unclear from Joe Allen, the tonality in the emotion of his vocals and the brash bipolar-esque music (with its significant amount of aggressive changes) remain something special. Something of purpose, and I for one have had this on repeat purely because I’m intrigued by the line “After you’ve died” at 3:52 and what the song is really about.

To quote Allen: “It’s about someone who is struggling with mental illness, but feels they must maintain this ‘people person’ persona…which, in my opinion, is one of the most destructive things you can do when you’re not 100%.” Is there more to be said from Allen and the rest of AF, AP? Yes, of course there is. But more clarity would boost what one would assume to be a distressing yet beautifully created chapter to the band’s ever-growing catalogue.

A Festival, A Parade will play The Cluny in Newcastle on 19th February.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
Musician, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and general Creative blob.

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