With so much great new music coming our way daily, we’ve compiled our favourites into an easily accessible format, aptly titled: #BitterSweetPlaylist. The idea is, once fully consumed, everyone has their shot at voting for their favourite track by means of the poll at the bottom of the page. We’ll tally up the votes and the winning act will get an in-depth feature. Spread the word, let’s make this thing huge.

Voting closes on 10th September 2017.

Bad Nerves – Radio Punk’

Bad Nerves have been our go-to for big guitars and power pop potency since we stumbled on their frenzied uproar at this year’s Live at Leeds. ‘Radio Punk’ is comfortably upbeat and demonstrates a youthful restlessness, moving at a punishing pace, riffs hurtle by at speed whilst relentless melodics fill in the gaps. The raw components alone are enough to see Bad Nerves tear through to poll position and win a few lifelong fans in the process.

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Tired Lion – ‘Fresh’

Perth’s Tired Lion are gearing up to release their debut album – ‘Fresh,’ one of the first revealed cuts talks of crises and the conflict fought to find equilibrium again. The straight-talking grunge rockers are known for their brazen dialogue and groundshaking liberation, it’s a kind of fuel for ego-free catharsis that everyone needs to experience once in a while. 

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The Vryll Society – ‘Shadow Of A Wave’

Liverpool’s The Vryll Society seem to have grasped the impossible, each new single they release continues to build their sound as fresh takes on the ever-popular psych pop genre. ‘Shadow of a Wave’ flashes splendour and smarts in equal measure – it’s kaleidoscopic without forgetting those important instrumental ties, they favour embellishment over bombast, this small but vital ruling takes their music from simple middle-of-the-road beginnings to front-runner ahead of the pack trailblazing.

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BØRNS – ‘Faded Heart’

Los Angeles based BØRNS proved with debut album ‘Dopamine’ it was possible to effectively re-purpose retro stylings and model those funky beats into a 21st Century haven. Now as the first catwalk of new material breaks through, we are presented with a glitterball of ’70s yearning in a peppy pop format. There’s glamour, psychedelics, the promise of heartbreak and of course, that luminous lead vocal – ‘Faded Heart’ is a certain smash.

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Joel Baker – ‘Save’

The music of Joel Baker has taken many incarnations over the years, yet a principal attribute has always remained beyond the means of categorisation, the importance of truth – the artist’s truth. Taken from a new mixtape, ‘Save’ blends multiple influences to shape human-made experience and raw melody into tender admissions of selflessness. Refreshing the commonplace piano ballad, Baker’s production novice actually strengthens the record through clever utilisation of lyrical reflections to instruct the chord arrangement. Not your average singer/songwriter fare.

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Swimming Tapes – ‘What’s On Your Mind’

This London-based five-piece craft carefree jangles but this doesn’t mean that every element always has to be decidedly sunny. Lifted off an upcoming EP, ‘What’s on Your Mind’ trails sunshine coasts with tipsy reverb and glossy guitars, yet the lyrics conceal a rupture of discontent as they urge for an expelling of ill feeling. Swimming Tapes manage to soundtrack those imperfect moments without losing any of their instinctive uplift, an attribute we’d say is well worth praising.

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WOWH – ‘Early Hours’

No room for grumps or buzzkills here, WOWH are the high-spirited cousins of indie pop’s elite. Fizzier than a can of Sprite and more contagious than freshers flu, the London duo seem to have found their niche. Keeping it casual they opt for simplicity over extravagance, assuring adventurous textures aplenty and the odd impressionable lyric. If whimsy is your thing then consider WOWH as the prize-winning oversized teddy bear that you take home after the funfair.

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Great News – ‘Wonderfault’

Norway’s Great News remain a staple across our pages for their overwhelming consistency and limitless creative imagining, now the time has come for them release a debut album and title track ‘Wonderfault’ doesn’t just sound gigantic, it transforms normality into the spectacular. A stomping bass line imposes a strict groove for all other progressions to orbit, larger-than-life synths stream rainbow-like colour for prismatic effect and a melodic vocal tells the importance of self-love. It’s all very wonderful.

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OUTLYA – ‘Howl’

Emotive pop makers OUTLYA could energise a whole power grid off the might of their positivity alone, this is expressed by far in new single ‘Howl’. A thumping upsurge of luminous dancefloor fuel emerges in the chorus and never quite filters out, this is songwriting that is to be felt as much as it aims for uncontrollable movement.

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A House In The Trees – ‘Summertime’

This South-London birthed project pulls together a mass of creatives, shepherded by Sam Hatchwell. A House in the Trees is definitive of new-age modernity – it’s music created through a hive-mind of sources to provide infinite pathways for exploration. ‘Summertime’ is one in a pair of tracks which the collective have released to date (the EP landing on 14th September) taking in ideas of programmed atmospherics, multi-voiced intrigue and lingering lyrical cues, tracks like ‘Summertime’ don’t appear often. Especially not at this stage. We look forward to hearing more.

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The winning artist will be treated to a grilling in our ‘Many Things About…’ segment, which works to uncover all those pesky little fun facts that we don’t know about them already, so get voting and make your artist proud (if not slightly nervous)!

Listen to previous winner Softer Still with their song ‘Forever Faces’ below.

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