LISTEN: The Family Chain – ‘Bambi’

Brighton is well established by now as a hub of exciting new culture, and joining that ever-growing seaside club are The Family Chain, with their fledgling new single ‘Bambi’.

Starting off with the lo-fi buzz of guitar and vocals, the track’s sudden tonal shift from sparsity to the full band crashing into frame is a welcome surprise. ‘Bambi’, both in title and delivery, primes you for a more gentle introduction to the main instrumental, subverting that expectation with reckless abandon.

From there, the rough-around-the-edges energy of the song continues, with little shrill intrusions of lead and a low, husky vocal delivery. Stylistically simple, ‘Bambi’ lacks polish in terms of its production quality, at times sounding flat. In truth, the change from the first, gentler chorus into the second verse is the only real shift in dynamics in the whole song, and it would be nice to hear that shift applied more to the whole song.

However, the track benefits from a strong, singable hook, a tight performance, and a nice bit of sinister undertone towards the end, in the form of feedback and piano. Generally, an entertaining foray into the territory, but needs a bit more bite to leave a lasting impact.

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