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Listen to ten of our favourite new tracks from the likes of Mirel Wagner, Tail Feather, Trampolene, The Mispers and Huckleberry Hastings.


The title track off their début Simple Things EP is a wonderful indie track, complimented by it’s frustrated rhythms, jangly guitars, infectious lyrical hooks and straight-to-the-point melodies. It’s a great offering from this young band that clearly are destined to headline big stages in the future.

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The Mispers


Alt-rock quintet The Mispers let loose new single, Dark Bits, last week. It’s a joy ride of unconventional melodies that just work to create what The Mispers do best, setting the music industry alight with something new and fresh. The band’s passion and energy comes through ten-fold on this track, it’s magnetic and engaging and who doesn’t love to hear a bit of violin? Dark Bits is the titular track taken off the forthcoming EP out 27th July.

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If any band need a break then it’s this band, Trampolene have been working hard at this for years and years, they are finally gaining a bit of momentum from relentless gigging and their undying passion for what they do. Foolish and Hungry takes it down a notch from what you may have heard from Trampolene before. It’s a downbeat ballad with no tricks or frills, it just steals the show. It’s vulnerable and bare, laying it all out there, forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, this is spilling your guts all over the place for people to feel and soak up. It’s a ‘lighters in the air’ moment. It’s confessional lyrical style, sometimes commentating style is the basis for the track, often you’ll find yourself cracking a smile at Jones’ lyrical quips “we’ve fallen in love with our personal trainers”. Foolish and Hungry is taken from their recent pocket album, Alcohol Kiss

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Huckleberry Hastings


Aussie singer/songwriter Huckleberry Hastings is known for his “gut-spilling” blues folk, howling and emotive vocals screaming with lyrical intensity. Hastings spills his soul, the very core of his being in his music, which is a very vulnerable position to be in, he should be praised for that if nothing else. It’s something very gratifying and awe-inspiring to hear an artist like Hastings. Latin guitar beats are the platform for Hastings to let loose a wondrous spell-binding overload of pent-up emotion on the listener in The Sick. You can never go back to the way you were after listening to Hastings, it’s music that will get under your skin. You’re welcome.

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Tail Feather


Knocked Down might not have been recently released, but it’s new to me and it might be to you also. Tail Feather’s vintage sound is delightful to hear, with thumping soul-stirring rhythms, hazy psych tendencies and soft-rock introspections, the band lament on the track’s.gradual decent into a lucid dream-like territory just enough for you to slowly sink deeper into your own conciousness. Knocked Down is a trip from start to finish.

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Manicanparty’s expansive synth pop brings a cinematic canvas to the centrefold, what they call ‘tribal pop’ shines with luscious intensity and empowered siren-like vocals from singer, Jess Corazza. Manicanparty build on a landscape of bubbling synths with anthemic drum beats and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days and days on end. A solid track that hopefully will send this band from out of obscurity and into the lives of the masses and what’s more it’s up for free download, so get it while you can. Achilles Heel is taken from The District EP.

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Liu Bei


Liu Bei (pronounced Lou Bay) are one of the most exciting new outfits to grace our pages, combining organic production with impassioned vocals and airy dream-like melodies drenched in melancholy make this track summer anthem worthy. The track works it’s way bit by bit and eats into your soul, it’s gradual build is most satisfying, it’s both expansive and epic but at the same time exposing it’s cascading fragility and intimacy, a real delight. Atlas World is the B side taken from Liu Bei’s début single, Infatuation, out 7th July via paradYse/Transgressive Records.

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You may find it hard to believe after listening to this track but this is Belgrave’s début single. Is Love Enough is a dark and brooding ode to a dying relationship. The combination of his heart-shattering lyrical honesty and sheer spine-tingling vocal, along with bewitching melodies and sophisticated production is something dreams are made of. Belgrave has definitely captured our attention, an enchantingly powerful introspective pop tune that is sure to gain this artist a lot of praise.

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Viola Beach


Viola Beach have clearly set out to make our summer memorable with new single Chumley Brown, they cement themselves as a band with much promise. It’s a song for the summer. Viola Beach make indie pop that doesn’t take itself to seriously, it’s light, it’s airy and carefree which can only be a good thing in my book. There’s a real sense of nostalgia to this track, it offers you to look back on summer’s past and surrounds you in memories, it’s hazy and breezy, and just so damn addictive.

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Mirel Wagner


Finish singer/songwriter Mirel Wagner is a wonder to behold, with her haunting and harrowing blues, she can easily send the listener into a deep trance at just the sound of her voice and an acoustic guitar, she is a really special talent. Wagner’s approach to songwriting is beyond reproach, her subtle lyrical grace lined with the sting of stark poignancy of themes such as death, necromancy and the lost and forgotten is something awe-inspiring to hear. Oak Tree is taken from Wagner’s forthcoming album, When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day, out 12th August on Sub Pop.

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