LISTEN: Mugen – ‘Commentary’


This is my second encounter with Mugen’s monstrously melting music. Their first single ‘Come and Go’ as I remember was impeccable, now my ears have been picked to listen to some ‘Commentary‘.

We begin with nothing but lo-fi chords followed by a fuzzy lead guitar for a kind of ’90s grunge intro (must be in at the moment.) The genteel apologetic lyrics of the verse are sung noticeably by Harry Kinchington, they set you up for a phasing gritty-pop chorus, which sits oddly in a bizarre contrast to the verses.

Throughout the song the lyrics and melodies feel good and pleasant, I can really get into them. The musicality however unexpected it may be, it kind of fits? In a bizarre turn of events my overall impression of the song is confusion, I loved their previous single and now I find myself trying to love this one, however I’m just going to accept that it’s a different breed from Mugen, which might need more listening to – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks. x

Mugen will be performing live at Leeds’ 360 Club on 1st February 2018, as part of Independent Venue Week, tickets are on sale now.

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