LISTEN: Grymm – ‘Br-Ea-The’

Brighton is well known for its contributions to the culture, forging early bonds and creative sparks the seaside town doesn’t just advocate the arts but casts, moulds and raises its seedlings to idiosyncratic autonomy. Fostering talent and assembling an underbelly of innovative art projects, guitar revolutionaries and next generation creativity. One of the many enticing entities working hard to make their mark is, Grymm: a grunge hybrid of psychedelic slime and haunting indie rock.

With soaring complexity and mind-melting carnage the trio captivate at every turn, why not take new single Br-Ea’The‘ as an example. In their most crippling incursion yet, the band tackles the modern day struggle of a media-consumed populus, summising that living vicariously through these means could be corrosive to us all and instead of being a form of escape it might just be an expedited route to our conscious demise. Bleak. Indeed. Pertinent. Absolutely. Convincing. You bet.

The band delivers their message with a might of will to shake the foundations of what we believe, primal anger like Grymm’s is desirable and demanded at this current impasse at which we stand. The power to raise a voice is what instigates change, and music is one of the greatest platforms to encourage movements to form and rally up. Although ‘Br-Ea-The’ is far from a political statement, the impassioned symbolism of unrest and unease draws incredible parallels.

If singer Morgan Jones’ cry is in any way moving to you then we say share this track with a friend and let the message flow on.

The new single ‘Br-Ea-The’ is out now – available on iTunes here.

Find Grymm on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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