LISTEN: Little Grim – ‘Hoodie’

Plastered with laid back jazzy beats, soothing Prince-esque vocals and a chorus hook so defined and reinforced, it will spiral round your head for days. Little Grim’s latest offering is a truly exotic delight.

Liquid guitars weave and dance around each other, held into place by a smooth, grounded bassline. A step forward in terms of production and arrangement for the South London band, as they push further and further into new territory, infusing jazz with their already distinctive brand of indie.

Placid in nature at first but as the track wears on, it becomes more snarling and cynical. A tongue in cheek ode to an ex-lover seen through the eyes of the impulsively indecisive, with as much sass as Beyoncé and as empathetic as Thom Yorke. Believe me, it sounds like a strange combo, but it’s executed so well.

Little Grim’s new single ‘Hoodie is out now on Scruff of the Neck. Catch the band playing live on 9th June at Birthdays in London.

Find Little Grim on Facebook and Twitter.

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