ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. As we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


Pulling from a place of intimacy, Prides deliver a turbulent package of anxious pop in new single ‘Say it Again.’ Whilst harking back to the tense, shape-shifting friction of 2016’s ‘Rome,’ the duo steer in a slightly more refined balance this time. It’s a song of two halves: one, chaotic and irritated; the other, vulnerable and shaken. Rallying a chorus of visceral cacophony, guitars amp up the song’s resting unease, promising that an eventual outburst will soon come to a head. It’s true the band have suffered changes over the past few years yet Prides haven’t lost their momentum, in fact their recent material strongly showcases some of their best creative decisions so far.


Just days before the release of their debut album, ISLAND offer another glimpse of what’s behind the curtain. ‘Horizon’ effuses a radiant energy with its use of bright textures and feather-light rhythms, providing equal charm and familiarity alongside a dreamlike quality. This compelling instalment of vivid imagery and intuitive musicality is a centre-point on the album and a serious star-player in the live set – and a fierce, concise illustration of ISLAND’s impeccable consistency.


Dama Scout are very good at what they do. Whether bridging genres, inspiring new sensations, or just spinning the wheel in the opposite direction. The collective of three always find a way to tread new ground – and their latest ‘Milky Milk’ sees no end to this boundless master-plan. Digging into pastures of sludgy shoegaze and squirming krautrock, the band share complete control of their music’s unpredictably, assuring that the showmanship is intentional and never consequential. Fully embracing a vibrant creative palette, their protean approach might just be the reason why they have found esteem so quickly and so resolutely.


Following up the release of 2017’s debut album, London-via-Swansea’s Trampolene let their voices speak as loud as their guitars in new single ‘Hard Times for Dreamers.’ Striking a balance between lead singer Jack Jones’ poetic sentiment and the band’s spiky propulsion, the track displays the compelling intricacies of Trampolene – a riot of rock’n’roll urgency incubating a more sympathetic touch for storytelling. Billed as a stand-alone release – but more likely a leader in a pack of further creations – ‘Hard Times for Dreamers’ offers a light to all who need it, as well as providing an active update to where the group are heading.


Seasoning their indie grooves with relishing condiments of afrobeat and tropical flair, Bokito revel in the realms of the alternative. Known for their enthusiastic tunes, the five-piece open their third release with a repeating riff that is quick to lead a procession of buoyant rhythm and supple melody. Percussion and bass are just as vital as guitar and voice in telling the story of ‘Love Gotten,’ pushing along a pulsing fury of joyous energy and fiery stop-start motion to spotlight the passionate and perilous expression of the lyrics.

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