LISTEN: Pool Art – ‘Don’t Feed Me To Them’

Manchester’s newly-formed duo Pool Art are sure to stand out from the masses of homogenised sludge that occupies a lot of today’s music industry. Completely obscure in its form, their debut single is both unforgettable and a complete monstrosity. ‘Don’t Feed Me To Them’ is more than just a pleading – it’s a balling, raging lunatic crying out to be noticed.

My Bloody Valentine, of course play an important role within the band’s meticulous vocal delivery but other influences are surely in there too, like obtrusive noise rockers Girl Band and their oppressive drone. Yet Pool Art, also bring forth an astonishing wealth of towering melodic guitar noise, this works to shift the austere darkened barrage of heaviness and clear the space, so a more atmospheric dream-like quality seeps through. All in all, ‘Don’t Feed Me To Them’ is a thoughtful and accomplished opening gambit from the young Manchester nightmarish dream makers. We approve.

Pool Art’s debut single can be purchased over at their Bandcamp page here.

Find Pool Art on Facebook.

Charlotte Holroyd
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