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PREMIERE: Dom Major – ‘Cigarettes & Beer’

A Manchester musician known for his captivating songcraft and innately downcast ballads. Dom Major writes evocative music from a very personal place, his first release of the year—’Cigarettes & Beer‘—airs first below.

Keen to cultivate new sonic energies within his music and collaborate with friends and peers, Major brought in Australian producer Adam Lyons and local musician Adam Gorman to flavour the release with a variety of invigorating nuance and texture. Entertaining a more developed soundscape, the track pulls in digital production alongside Major’s familiar organic sensibilities. 

A video accompanies, featuring Spring King’s James Green and his real-life partner Kizzy Watson. The film follows Major around Manchester’s city centre, juxtaposing wide panoramas with discouraged close-ups to echo the song’s inherently weary and withdrawn outlook. By the chorus’ climatic rise, the visuals reveal their deeper purpose: joining Major inside one of the city’s boozers, this is where we meet the loved-up couple and through a series of exaggerated instances, we watch as Major is submitted in arduous and uncomfortable proximity to their coupledom. Watching the scenes unravel, there’s a sense that these events will soon spiral out of control and head towards a final showdown. We won’t spoil the result, but it’s worth investing in the full four minute run time to find out.

Dom Major celebrates the new release with a single launch party at Manchester’s Chapter One Books on Saturday 23rd June. More information on the event can be found here.

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