LISTEN: Rosemary Fairweather – ‘Calling Listening’

With every track that Rosemary Fairweather drops, we learn more and more about her musical intention; she continues to establish her enigmatic nature with every release. We’re only just beginning to understand where her artistic roadmap will lead us. From the sparseness of her production to the plain white aesthetic of her cover art, Fairweather enforces her desire to paint broad strokes of intrigue on the bland, expressionless billboard that has come to define the music industry.

Her newest track ‘Calling Listening’ is no exception. Though not as instantaneously memorable as ‘Too Low’ or ‘Chemicals’, the track brings a new chirpiness to a catalogue that is becoming more and more impressive with every addition. Sparse and minimalist, ‘Calling Listening’ serenades the listener with a voice as delicately balanced as a teetering pile of crockery being carried down a very long flight of stairs.

Fairweather’s vocals are pure like freshly fallen snow, and the rest of the track is just as beautifully effortless. Wobbly vibrato-soaked keyboards are coupled with icy, urgent drums and warm, throbbing bass, which blend together to create a sound that’s simultaneously ethereal yet remains linear and accessible.

The track derails briefly to allow a gentle swooping synth to glide its way into the next chorus. It’s a trick she’s used before on ‘Chemicals’, but it doesn’t yet sound stale. I would hope she’s wise enough not to over-use her own tropes. Perhaps it’s the little spots of strangeness present in all of her tracks that enable Fairweather to strike this delicate balance? Most importantly though, Fairweather’s material continues to focus on song craft, and doesn’t sacrifice a quality hook to make way for a mood or theme. Rather, she creates a world for the song to inhabit without compromising its intrinsic quality. 

‘Calling Listening’ is another highly re-playable song from Rosemary Fairweather. Her distinct, child-like voice and quirky style are becoming more and more endearing by the day, and although her music may be sparse, pure, and cocooned in simple white artwork, I can guarantee that one listen will add colour to your day.

Photo Credit: Kristina Ruddick

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