LISTEN: Klangstof – ‘Amansworld’

James Brown preached that it’s ‘A man’s world’, Klangstof echoes this sentiment in the titular track of his latest double release. But ‘Amansworld’ is far removed from the tortured soul of Brown‘s classic. Klangstof rather captivates on a whole different level with darkly painted vocals, hypnotizing electronics and dynamic progressions.

Inspired by Radiohead in his early teens, Klangstof taught himself to play guitar, and soon joined the line up of one of Holland’s largest bands, Moss, where he earned critical acclaim as the band’s bass player, but yearned to create his own music in isolation. ‘Amansworld’ arrives in succession after the remarkable debut, ‘Hostage’, a track that gained favour from the likes of Zane Lowe and the NME. But it is his latest that marks the rise of Klangstof, defining the artist as an innovator and a trailblazer, and one that has all the earmarkings for continued lifelong success. 

‘Amansworld’ is out now, via Mind Of A Genius. Buy it on iTunes here.

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