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PREMIERE: Tokyo Tea Room – ‘Like A Drug’

Flavouring the essence of a mind-altering trip with sonic explorations into the dark romance of the soul, Tokyo Tea Room’s new release ‘Like A Drug’ is both riddled with desire and addiction in equal measure.

A simple circling guitar riff opens and meets the angelic husk of singer Beth Plumb’s meandering vocals. Never feeling too lightly-tempered but rather affecting in such a way that she both caresses each lyric, all the while enacting a gale force gust when she reaches the climax of the chorus. ‘Like A Drug’ colours psychedelic haze in a sludgier Brit-pop daydream, that at once is buoyant and sky-scraping, blissful and intoxicating, stormy and disorderly. A beautiful thing. 

‘Like A Drug’ premieres below, and also can be downloaded for free via the player.

Catch Tokyo Tea Room live at Summer Sound Project in Canterbury on Sunday 28th August. For tickets and more information, head here.

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