LISTEN: Grace Gillespie – ‘Lady Make Believe’ / ‘England’

Grace Gillespie is a London-based artist and producer, originally from Devon. Her second (AA-side) single ‘Lady Make Believe‘ / ‘England’ is a double, dreamy musical remedy.

Grace Gillespie draws us into her ‘lucid daydream’ in Lady Make Believe: a wistful and melancholic yet sweet and summery sounding song. Gillespie’s influences stem from folk, psych and dream pop traditions giving her sound a fresh yet kind of retro feel. The guitar style and reverse effects are playful and quirky as they interweave around velvety vocals. Gillespie’s voice is reminiscent of Kate Bush; smooth and soft and often moving in unexpected ways. It’s a very contemplative song, Grace explains: “It’s often misunderstood as a love song or breakup song but I see it as more of a dialogue with myself.”

In England, Gillespie leads us down a different branch of her diverse sound-world, a more folky and lamenting one here. Gillespie reveals she was driven to write the song “in the fall out after Brexit, once I had got my thoughts in order.” She paints a hazy picture demonstrating the disorientating reality of Brexit, “Despite your greys/ You’re still the place for me.” Her voice is luminous in contrast to the murky reality she is singing about. The music rolls along forebodingly with strumming guitar which swells and shrinks dynamically. Overall the song has a sad tone cast over it as Gillespie sings out seemingly consoling the listener, “No sweetheart, it’s not as easy as that.”

Both ‘Lady Make Believe’ and ‘England’ are thought provoking songs, and are very easy to get lost inside a daydream to.

The double release single ‘Lady Make Believe’ / ‘England’ is out now – available on iTunes here.

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