LISTEN: Odina – ‘Snow’

The mere two words “Christmas song” annoy me, they’re overrated unless they’re from the ’70s/’80s. For some reason they nailed them and no one since has come close, unless they weren’t intended to be a Christmas song like ‘Holocene’ or ‘White Winter Hymnal’. These songs always remind me of Christmas, but the fact that I was sent this new track ‘Snow‘ by my dear friend Odina as a Christmas song just annoyed me.

It technically is, as it says Christmas once, but calling it a Christmas song ruins the beauty of the track. It’s a melancholy observation and reflection on being alone in winter, as Fleet Foxes did with ‘White Winter Hymnal,’ even though this is miles away from that it’s lyrically tender.

It’s delicate and instrumentally quaint throughout, but please DO NOT think of this as a Christmas song. Even though Odina speaks the cliché word, I think it would’ve been better off without it.

So there we have it, enjoy it in the heights of summer and in the depths of winter, and let it heal them lonesome blues.

The new single ‘Snow’ is out now – available on iTunes here.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
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