LISTEN: Morning Smoke – ‘Hunger’

Brighton band, Morning Smoke since we last caught them with their début effort ‘In Euphoria’ have found themselves caught in the middle of a storm of praise from everyone at the NME to Clash and Q Magazine. NME describing them as a mix of early Strokes whilst also recalling the claustrophobic clatter and angst of Eagulls. Their latest sonic foray ‘Hunger’, out 1st December,  is in no way a let down either.

The track instantly grabs you by the wrists and beckons you to follow suit, to loose yourself to the music. An aural assault of celestial atmospherics and melodic intensity roar with growing zest. Again, Morning Smoke prove that they are masters of making rhythmic noise sound as it were as sweet as a pop song. Bristling riffs angered with a red, hot burning flame ebb and flow throughout the track.

An understanding of song structure and chord progression is something that will get a band far. Morning Smoke have proven this time and time again with their formidable talent of keeping the listener on their toes, with each hypnotic twist of Milo ‘s insatiable vocal delivery, each brutal blow of percussion and each soaring riff. ‘Hunger’ is a force to be reckoned with.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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