LISTEN: Jack Jones – ‘Swim Up’ / ‘It’s Not My Thing’

Songwriter, performer and musician Jack Jones has always wielded an endearing sensibility, whether fronting rock trio Trampolene, or featuring in Pete Doherty’s Puta Madres as lead guitarist. Jones’ poetic lyrics speak of modern day life in a way that’s rarely voiced; his writings, witty and self-aware, yet yearning and gritty, but also sensitive and in touch with a rebellious ferocity. So to step away from comfortable positions within these projects and dabble in solo waters, is a daring venture. Luckily for Jones, it’s a decision made wisely. The pair of tracks which produce the debut AA-side release are both intriguingly smart and refreshing, offering a new configuration of Jones’ immensely prolific and singular talent.

Let’s begin with ‘Swim Up‘ (the obvious starting point), an intimately recorded vocal is tracked by sparse synth work and brooding beats before hitting a brighter note in the chorus, where Jones details the first days of a new relationship and the thrilling sensations that arise. The song materialized during a fruitful period of productivity, after a fated introduction to producer Mike Moore (who went on to produce both tracks): “Mike thinks like a genius and lives for the truth…Drew McConnell (Babyshambles) introduced us and Mike has become one of my best mates. A couple of weeks after meeting I was playing guitar for Pete Doherty and he was playing guitar for Liam Gallagher,” Jones says.

Continuing, “‘Swim Up’ was the third song we wrote together…at that time I was surrounded by the romance of a blossoming relationship and flew off to Paris for the very first date – quite cliched I guess, but it was the European Cup in France and Wales was playing, so I didn’t mind watching the match under the Eiffel Tower. It resulted in something beautiful including the birth of ‘Swim Up’ – which is basically part of my first ever conversations with my dearest….”

It’s Not My Thing‘ is the edgier counterpart; although similarly taking influence from ’80s synth-pop, its use of spiky guitars and charging pace liven up proceedings. Providing another glimpse of Jones in his element, this track cements the artist’s incredible versatility through standout instrumental progression and passionate vocal vigour. The lyrics transverse between philosophical rationalizations to conversational confessions, producing a dichotomy of sorts that ensures a listener will be kept on their toes throughout the song’s duration – it’s nothing short of outstanding.

Jack Jones’ debut AA-side single is out now via Mi7 Records – Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Tana Kadlecova

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