LISTEN: Wyldest – ‘Hitchhiker’

Their first EP ‘Dark Matter’ brought tantalising glimmers of promise, now approaching a year and a half since the release, the London-based trio Wyldest readily welcome presentation of their breathtaking new single ‘Hitchhiker’, a track taken from their self-produced second EP.

Opening with an infectiously blissful electro-pop beat before introducing the heavenly, enchanting vocals of lead singer Zoe Mead, the track tells the tale of how many of us dream about ‘escaping’ society and living solitary with nothing but nature – our thoughts and imagination as a form of entertainment. Whilst vibes of ’80s shoegazing radiates throughout its duration, contemporary and vibrant passions transmit a modern sheen.

Overall, a high spirited quality shines bright within this tune, and with the announcement of the band’s ‘Hitchhiker’ EP (set for release in September) and a multitude of upcoming gigs scheduled over the next few months, Wyldest are setting themselves up to be a noteworthy band of the future.

‘Hitchhiker’ features on the forthcoming EP ‘Hitchhiker’ which releases on Friday 29th September via Hand in Hive. Pre-Order now.

Wyldest’s Upcoming Live Dates:

Sunday 16th July – Citadel Festival – Victoria Park, London
Wednesday 27th September – The Waiting Room, London
Saturday 25th November – ‘Cat Lovers’ at Queen Of Hoxton, London

Find Wyldest on Facebook and Twitter.

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