LISTEN: Forced Random – ‘Get On’

If you like your guitars wobbly and your vocals delicate then ‘Get On’ is the tune for you. The stellar new single from enigmatic Londoner Forced Random (aka. Oliver Girdler) is caught somewhere in an emotional hinterland; either and neither a pleasant-sadness or a somber-happiness. This dichotomy at its heart makes sense when you consider the aim of Girdler is to tackle that peculiar feeling when the “vulnerability of the self competes with the brutal Darwinism of our age“.

Possessing a few of the tropes of American lo-fi records of yesteryear, and the march of sad-indie boys that have grown up listening to them (hello Alex G, howdy Hovvdy) Forced Random takes these influences and applies a British spin. The track builds subtly throughout, less towards a defined climax, but a slow swell of energy replete with buzzy clipped guitars, megaphone vox and cropped drums.

Listen below, and for good measure check out accompanying track, the more understated but similarly emotionally poignant ‘Discipline (When You Collapse)‘.

The new single ‘Get On’ is out now – and is available to purchase on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Amelia Eve

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