LISTEN: Grymm – ‘Gravity’

‘Gravity’, the sophomore single from Brighton’s Grymm leaves you holding your stomach and missing some teeth, as it bruises through beats and strums out shrieks.

Hot off the back of 2016’s debut single, ‘Jurassic’, the new track is founded upon open and spacious DIY backbeats, ‘Gravity’ lurks around corners and finds your insides, as jerks of guitar tie the tune around your throat. Slow and patient builds leave us relaxing on the edge, nails bitten and cowering, as the underworld inevitably opens at the sound of criminal choruses and cries.

The vocals, while vulnerable and lost in the void, convey a helplessness without hope, but are overshadowed by instrumentation that drags us to the depths, to the tribal thump of double-kick bumps. Albeit unimaginative in its perhaps premature white-noise conclusion, ‘Gravity’ lifts you up and throws you back to Earth broken and scarred as your ears ring from the psychotic guitar and jail-breaking drums.

Grymm launch ‘Gravity’ at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton on June 10th.

Photo Credit: Emma Currell

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