LISTEN: GURU & HAKE – ‘Medicine Man’ / ‘After Space Legacy’

I’ve always held that Brighton has one of the best, if not the best, music scene over the last 10 years or so. The diversity in sound and the friendships that form between bands is something that sets Brighton apart. It’s a place where any band can carve its own niche and find its own audience. GURU and HAKE have done just that and it warms my heart and pleases my little ears to hear their double release of ‘Medicine Man’ and ‘After Space Legacy,’ two absolute belters if I may add my thoughts so early on.

Each of the tracks has its own merit: GURU’s ‘Medicine Man’ is harsher in tone, with a chorus transition that instantly reminded me of ‘Heart Shaped Box’ in all the right ways, and certainly more of the aggression that reminds me of the Green Door Store. The track has everything going for it and was certainly produced by deft hands and ears. The bass and drums’ scuzzy and fuzzy, yet  brutally decipherable collusion throughout much of the first half of the track isn’t lost when the vocals appear. Much like the taste of beer wankers in Brighton, this sound is crafted and I’d be willing to pay an unnecessary amount to experience it again.

One would think that it would be a challenge to do a dual release with a track as powerful and instantly recognisable as GURU’s ‘Medicine Man,’ however HAKE have done that but in the most unexpected of ways. Having listened to GURU first, I was unsure of where the next track would lead but I certainly didn’t expect ‘After Space Legacy.’ It’s a Mild High Club-laced track that comes off a lot warmer than its predecessor, yet to the detriment of neither. The use of harmony in particular grabbed me as vocals, guitar and bass wove subtle patterns that, in all honesty, got me a little emotional nearer the end of the track. You can hear the friendship between the bands at select points, the little meta moments of speech in sections of the songs, the Hookworms-esque drum patterns, and the pleasingly complementary vocal styles.

GURU and HAKE have a lot to be proud of with this double release and I would implore anyone to go and take a look and listen.

GURU and HAKE celebrate the new release with a launch party at Brighton’s Green Door Store on 6th March, with additional support from Squig and Frank & Beans.

GURU’s social links: Facebook and Twitter  HAKE’s social links: Facebook and Twitter

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