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It’s that time of the week again! Yes, time to let your hair down, release all that pent up energy and just let go. Here’s our playlist to get you in the mood for the weekend. Whether that’s music to chill out to or music to dance to, it’s all here. Just press play.

Charlie Cunningham – Outside Things

‘Outside Things’ is about a baby’s journey from the womb into the world. Told from the infant’s perspective of seeing the world for the first time, being ripped from the safety it’s been accustomed to with it’s mother and sent straight into the harsh surroundings of the real world, as you’d expect it’s a shock to the system. ‘Outside Things’ is a charming introduction to Charlie Cunningham’s first steps as a songwriter. Delightfully assertive, completely captivating and wondrously unique. We love this track.

Out 17th November

Ajimal – Nothing Touches Me

‘Nothing Touches Me’ is Ajimal aka. Fran O’Hanlon first release since last year’s mystifying beauty ‘This Human Joy’. Ajimal relishes in minimalism. There’s a certain beauty and joy that comes with appreciating the smaller, even softer things in life because they have the power and ability to surprise you even more.

That’s exactly what ‘Nothing Touches Me’ achieves. A resounding piano line echoes against a fragile yet passionate vocal. Before the track goes stratospheric, building in confidence and melodic revelry as O’Hanlon soars with self empowerment ‘”I am invincible / I am surely unbreakable”.

Out 1st December

Racing Glaciers – Animal

Racing Glaciers are quickly becoming the nation’s breakout band. Backed by BBC Introducing the band have spent their summer touring up and down the country playing at every festival they could. New single ‘Animal’ is an assured and confident indie rock slice of pure passion. At the heart it’s all about the songwriting – an infectious, sing-a-long chorus, a melody that grows from humble roots and flourishes like the first days of Spring. It’s certain that Racing Glaciers are heading for big things.

Out 20th October 

Fickle Friends – For You

Fickle Friends are that pick me up when you’re feeling down. With big 80’s guitar pop melodies that surge and fall in all the right places, an irresistible female vocal that is smooth like honey and a love for creating soaring pop melodies that are wrapped in lyrical melancholia. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this band immediately. Fickle Friends are the perfect band to kick start your weekend.

Out Now

Pylo – Young

Bath’s Pylo are currently gearing up to head out on a UK tour supporting Australian singer/songwriter, Josh Pyke. ‘Young’ is a sprawling alt-rock song. Atmospheric and quietly yearning. It’s a good combination. Bristling riffs affixed with soaring vocals and lyrical sensitivity, Pylo make music that is gripping and epic and we love it.

Out Now

Heyrocco – Mom Jeans

California’s Heyrocco are currently in the UK for a short touring spell, bringing their unashamedly brilliant slacker rock to our shores. ‘Mom Jeans’ feels like a hot summer’s day, somewhat uncomfortable yet completely natural. You can just picture yourself driving with the top down along the PCH as the clouds roll by. ‘Mom Jeans’ is a delightful ride from start to finish with that quintessential youthful naivety and defiant honesty, it’s a musical gem. 

Out Now

Zola Blood – Grace

Zola Blood present to us another slice of their début EP. Listening to ‘Grace’ immediately you are met with a refined sound. Gripping and fizzing in abundance with a gleeful sense of adventure, whether that’s with it’s musical experimentation or unusual lyrical patterns: “There’s no Spring in you boy, only Autumn”. The mood may be downcast and bellowing down on you hard but every beat, every droning riff, every synth groove builds to something that is sonically perplexing and completely spellbinding.

Out 20th October

Flyte – Light Me Up

Flyte make music that is utterly pleasing and unassumingly confident. Their new release ‘Light Me Up’ is nothing without it’s conviction, it’s sparkling charm and rhythmic buoyancy.  What Flyte do best is combine quietly confident lyrics about everyday subjects with tireless indie pop melodies and we can’t get enough of it. 

Out Now

The Marquettes – Homesick

Manchester’s The Marquettes burst on to the scene a few years ago. Quickly establishing themselves as a must-see live band. They are currently in the process of making the final touches to their début EP, so what better time to get on team Marquettes, then now? ‘Homesick’ taken off their forthcoming EP is a great introduction to the band.

The track is brimming with pop desire yet there is a darker intensity underlying that, which seethes through the bitter viewpoint of the singer. Jangly guitars, thunderous drum turns and a strong vocal make this track an exciting proposition. 

Taken from ‘Darling, Don’t Fret’ EP, out soon.

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

‘Shut Up and Dance’ is the ultimate party song. Put this on and just enjoy the ride, it’s a mighty comeback for the Ohio quartet and it’s good to have them back.

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