LISTEN: Too Cool Kid – ‘Arrogant Peace Protest’

Striking a wonderfully fine blend of political angst and tender sentimentality, Too Cool Kid’s new single is a delightfully refreshing shower over the ears.

Opening with bright and watery guitar strums accompanied by a distant wailing, it’s easy to be caught off guard when the drums and bass join in, turning the song on its head ever so slightly to jarring effect. Jay Plent’s vocals sweep from supple falsettos to heavy shouting, all whilst voicing the concerns of political unrest. There’s a real sense of fear in Plent’s voice which perfectly embodies the emotion conveyed within the track it falls against. ‘Arrogant Peace Protest’ is pretty straightforward musically, which leaves a lot of space to focus on the lyric and with such a strong message this is a must.

The simplicity of the chorus is fantastic, allowing subtle respite from the intensity of the verses as well as giving us something to hold onto. A chant that can be shouted on the streets in the face of adversity, a mission statement to carry forward, a gentle stinging motto.

The new single ‘Arrogant Peace Protest’ will be available to stream on Spotify in November. Catch the band live on New Year’s Eve at The Old Spring in Cambridge.

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