LISTEN: Laminate Pet Animal – ‘Solace’

Opening with glitchy samples and luscious vocal harmonies, ‘Solace’ is a wonderful detour of casual electronic pop. Big melodies are plastered all over but not the usual pop hooks, melodically it’s a lot subtler and laidback, letting the masterful and intriguing production that the Leeds three-piece have perfected shine through.

Complex drum rhythms fill the spaces in-between a whole spectrum of ethereal synthesisers and samples, making for a cruising feeling. As for its whereabouts, there isn’t one, it’s all about the ride, the emotional journey of pining after someone and the inevitable vulnerability that develops with it. Pleading for some kind of answer, the simple but effective chorus line, “Tell me what you want, want from me” sums it up nicely. The combination of layered vocals works amazingly, harmonies on top of harmonies that are so complimentary of each other and melding into a hybrid that never really shows who is leading.

At times, playful and coy in nature, ‘Solace’ is a great listen. Jumping and bouncing around, yet timid and reticent, it’s hard not to turn the speakers up. At the cusp of the modern musical climate, it’s easy to hear their influences ranging from electronica to folk and pop. With a lot of tricks up their sleeve, it’s hard not to be intrigued as to what Laminate Pet Animal will do next.

The new single ‘Solace’, alongside B-Side ‘Baer’, is out now – purchase on iTunes here.

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