LISTEN: Oddnesse – ‘Scream’

‘Scream’ is a single which manages to combine the weighty imagery of the natural world with well-crafted intimacy, and the final track from a series of four to be showcased from LA’s Oddnesse.

‘Scream’ is a careful creation from Oddnesse – highlighting her abilities as a musician and her instinctual power to explore. The track starts with one deep, dwelling acoustic note which blooms into a plucked sequence. It’s a song like a strange fruit – a moody tone which becomes more reflective and open to interpretation with the entry of a solid drum pattern and mumbled melodies. It all sounds closely recorded, carefully co-ordinated and brings with it a sense of proximity; a fair achievement less than ten seconds in.

Vocals add further area to explore, as the lyrics linger over the capacity for the personal within the natural world: “Scream little tidal wave, there’s no silent way to the shore” implores an opening female voice. Does this trivialise nature? Far from it. This is an evocative conjuring of the self attempting to make sense of its space in the world.

Upwards inflection at the end of lines, trembling on an end note over terms such as ‘shore’ and ‘war’ brings forward the theme and issue of identity in often turbulent times.

The repeated chorus line I believe is particularly resonant within this track, that “You could shake a couple of things loose”. On one hand, it could seem like a casual statement, yet on the other hand invokes physical imagery of freedom and release. Oddnesse, through her close, captivating music is asking us to see the double meanings in the world, the co-existence of the personal and the natural, and to enjoy them.

Closing vocals veer to a state as the “ocean meets you” – telling of the capacities for tides to turn, times to change, the traditional images we see to be turned on their heads.

Equally, the nautical imagery and acoustic elements Oddnesse uses throughout strengthen this single. It teaches us to listen in depth, just like a tide – and that we can pull beauty, even from the base. That’s surely what satisfying music is all about.

‘Scream’ is out now via Myster. Find on iTunes here.

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Emily Oldfield
Lover of music, poetry and Manchester.

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