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PREMIERE: AZTEX – ‘Talking To Myself’

Sometimes the music is a distraction from the message. Uplifting hooks that emulate an Imagine Dragons track are a misty guise for the solemn lyrics on AZTEX’s latest single ‘Talking To Myself’, premiering below. But its cruising summer feel pervades all adversity and lifts the song into sunnier realms.

“Fingertips on razorblades and bloodstains on the shelf” is not the kind of imagery you associate with summery vibes, yet Monica Pascoe’s full bodied, clear voice is so contrasting that it’s way too easy to overlook the words. A fresh, simple synth line plays underneath the vocals, and jumping drum beats mix up the tempo with minimal friction. It’s difficult to even comprehend the concoction of emotions stirred by the whole track, but it’s also oh-too-easy to lose yourself in the sunshine injected melody.

It’s almost as if you get the best of both worlds: if you want a dance in the park in the blazing heat, listen to this track; if you want a reflective, introverted musical moment, listen to this track. Either way, the message is clear – listen to this track!

AZTEX’s debut single ‘Talking To Myself’ will be released on Friday 17th June, via Playing With Sound.

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