With our inbox full of exciting musical treats, we thought it was time to restart the #BitterSweetPlaylist and try something new also. So once you’ve finished digging into the music you can vote for your favourite, by means of the poll below. Spread the word, let’s make this thing huge.

Black Surf ‘Baby Blue Washburn’

The Leeds based band serve up some glorious grunge with ample amounts of grizzly fuzz and vicious attitude.

For more Black Surf: Facebook // Twitter

Satellite Mode ‘Surface’

NYC duo Satellite Mode bring us electro pop of the purest kind, singer Jess Carvo’s relaxed but moving resilience provides the perfect counter to Alex Marko’s radiant production.

For more Satellite Mode: Facebook // Twitter

Bat Or ‘A Place’

London-by-way-of-France ensemble Bat Or intrigue and excite on debut single ‘A Place’. At once expansive and heavily textured, the collective prove that seductive layering and airy tones are a perfect combination.

For more Bar Or: Facebook 

Great News ‘Special Place’

The Bergen trio dazzle on indie-pop dreamgaze bonanza, ‘Special Place’. Sharp guitar riffs drive forth lush choral rhythms and rolling harmonies.

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Sloes ‘Young’

London quintet Sloes make the often awkward marriage of indie guitars and folk strings work simplistically, especially on new single ‘Young’. A song with courage and fight.

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Bruja ‘Drone’

Barnsley threesome Bruja over up a scuzzy undertow of messy slurs on ‘Drone’. Wrapped up in under two minutes, it’s go fast or go home.

For more Bruja: Facebook // Twitter

FACE ‘Fear’

The four-piece take on the cinematic realms of synth rock with this big pop banger, coming somewhere in between the anthemic euphoria of The Killers and the heartfelt songwriting of Travis.

For more FACE: Facebook // Twitter

Hudson Scott ‘Get Down’

Oxford’s Hudson Scott is one of those artists that unequivocally marches to his own drum. The whimsical nature of his music is nonetheless brought into full form in the up-all-night grooves of ‘Get Down’, given shade by his fulsome croon.

For more Hudson Scott: Facebook // Twitter

Phia ‘Open/Closed’

Melbourne artist Phia doesn’t play by the rule book, her multi-faceted experimental pop works to build sonics as colour blasts. Using loops, harmonies, voice, kalimba, guitar and various other instruments, she creates a musical world that breathes light and imagination.

For more Phia: Facebook // Twitter

Calan Mai ‘Cup’

Manchester-via-Australia folktronica artist Calan Mai teeters on the edge of escape on ‘Cup’. Warm hues of brass and luscious harmonies filter through in this melodic musical hug.

For more Calan Mai: Facebook // Twitter

The winning artist will be treated to a grilling in our ‘Many Things About…’ segment which works to uncover all those pesky little fun facts that we don’t know about them already, so get voting and make your artist proud (if not slightly nervous)!

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