ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. As we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


In her most inspired pop moment to date, Jack River asks us to forget the doubters and just go with it, heart and soul without hesitation. Whatever the dream is, it’s reachable, if you believe. ‘Ballroom’ delivers a universal and ageless sentiment with unfaltering arena-filling spirit. Jack River’s enthusiasm is infectious and impossible to ignore, a cinematic affair of ’80s defiance. Seek out the film clip too, Jack River and Matt Sav nail the brief: Disco balls, confetti, party vibes and metallics. It’s beautiful.


Only two songs in and Australia’s Angie McMahon has shared bills with Father John Misty, become a musical success story (landing the No. 2 spot in Spotify’s Viral Chart) and now with her latest work released, is sure to be grabbing even more attention. ‘Missing Me’ channels Feist at her most visceral, spiky strums simulate McMahon’s state of mind, somewhere between angst and exasperation. For all intensive purposes, this track is a hell-raiser – yet strip away the sonic dramatics and McMahon’s emotive appeal would still be as pulverizingly potent, it’s her lyrics which strike presence here. Forthright, torn-from-the-heart realism, immensely relatable from an audience standpoint and a highly adept sensibility to launch a career.


Continuing to unveil new material from their upcoming third album, the Manchester four-piece gently soar on new track ‘Through the Shadows.’ Arriving alongside the announcement of a new tour and release date for the album (May 4th), the new track echoes a familiar line within the Slow Readers Club’s catalogue, one of resigned melancholy. Lingering synth melodies paint a morose watercolor, while buoyancy of guitar, drums and bass lift the mood through carefully plotted injections of driving rhythm. Already a confirmed live favourite, ‘Through the Shadows’ is a fascinating depiction of the Slow Readers Club’s growing confidence in crafting richly narrated indie-noir.


Pitting dense cacophony against careful melodics, October Drift deliver their first calling card since 2016’s This is Nowhere. Like most of the band’s material, ‘All Broken Down’ is well suited for creating mosh-pits and on the other side of the scale, introspective self-exploration. Reveling in ’90s alt-rock sustenance, the track takes note from the worlds of shoegaze and grunge. Its storytelling nature might take a listener by surprise if unfamiliar with the band’s deft approach, but lyrical agility is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect more music and touring to ensue throughout the year.


Self-produced and self-funded, ‘Soul Traveller’ is the first entree from Sweden-raised Emma Elisabeth’s debut full length album. Opening to a whirring force of voice, striking bass lines and marching beats, this raw and incisive build directs attention to Elisabeth’s songwriting strengths. Organically arranged over three-plus minutes, ‘Soul Traveller’ uses its simple instrumentals to steady a reliable drive for Elisabeth’s dreamy narrative to take the forefront. With audible cadences and harmonies to further formulate attraction, Elisabeth makes a compelling statement for a listener to invest their time in multiple playbacks.

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Photo Credit [Angie McMahon]: Rhea Caldwell

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