LISTEN: Liam McClair – ‘Fame’

Manchester’s Liam McClair recently released his remarkable new single ‘Fame’ – peaking at number four on iTunes’ singer/songwriter chart, it’s clear to see it was a hit with the kids.

The song starts off slowly with the sound of an elegantly played electric and relaxing acoustic playing together a melodic tune. As soon as McClair releases his beautifully breathtaking vocals, you’re transformed into a blissful and tranquil state of mind.

To me, the lyrics express how fame can be quite overwhelming and isolating. The significant line “I’ve got to find someone to share my throne,” indicates that no amount of celebrity or cash figure can resort in happiness unless you have someone special to share it with, which is a life lesson we should all listen to. 

Overall, this song is celestially well-written with a sincere and important message within. The track simply seeps sentimental and soul-stirring sensations throughout, making it impossible to not want to sing and sway along.

Liam McClair’s new single ‘Fame’ is out now via Run  & Hide Records. Purchase on iTunes here.

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