LISTEN: Luke De-Sciscio – ‘Buck’

All artists are waiting on a flash of divine inspiration. That moment when the words pour out of you in a stream, the chords just sound right, and you think you’ve made your best ever work. Luke De-Sciscio says he headed out into the woods one day, and to his surprise wrote seven songs which feature on his upcoming album, LOVE. ‘Buck’ is one of those songs, and I had one major impression after writing this review: De-Sciscio is a refreshingly honest songwriter.

‘Buck’ is a textbook example of an in-the-moment song. The solo voice with accompanying guitar is the definition of intimate. The I-III-VI-VII progression is constant throughout the four minutes of the song. It’s almost hypnotic.

Most importantly the lyrics have a swaying, rustic rhythm which changes from line-to-line. The sense of verse-chorus structures fades throughout the song, like De-Sciscio was ad-libbing whatever came to mind. I admire that sense of free-flow. It’s a pleasant change from the regimented structures of pop and rock music I’m so used to.

The lyrics gives some wide-ranging life advice to an eponymous Buck, telling him to “get back to your thrill” and to follow your heart. It feels like an unfiltered, unrequited heart-to-heart, telling us the life lessons we all need to hear. And while it does feel a little cliché at times, it does also speak many truths.

This is a song for the listener who wants a break from mainstream music. As such I don’t see myself listening to it all the time, but I do see myself thoroughly enjoying it every time I do. We weren’t given a release for this upcoming album, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for Luke De-Sciscio in future.

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