LISTEN: Bat and Ball – ‘Cruel Cats’

The journey is what makes the story, and in the case of London’s Bat and Ball, the road to where we meet the-now-three-piece has been long but nevertheless eventful. The homecoming is marked by an enigmatic and surprisingly adventurous left turn on dynamic new cut ‘Cruel Cats’.

This protean approach reveals a fresh and syncopated sound from the band, in all respects it’s an evolution. Choppy beats interact with bits of guitar, snaps and crashes of synths and twisting vocals. In every sense, it is an explosion of ideas and creativity. Bat and Ball come in heavy, and at any level this can easily be seen as risky, it’s not for the weak-hearted listener or faintly interested.

While ‘Cruel Cats’ is a unique portrait of a band who are making music for their own wild amusement, not to fit into a box or a genre block. A song like ‘Cruel Cats’ will forever be relegated to the overlooked realms of the alternative world, which is unashamedly cruel in itself. Praise has to be given to Bat and Ball, though, for standing true in their beliefs to make the music that lives within them. Bravery in this day and age is very rare to come by, and Bat and Ball know it.

‘Cruel Cats’ is the first single to be lifted from Bat and Ball’s forthcoming and long-awaited debut LP, due October 2016.

‘Cruel Cats’ is out now on Hush Tongue Records.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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