LISTEN: ZELAH – ‘Run Away’

Bath/Bristol-based quintet ZELAH launch a bold attack on the music scene with their debut single ‘Run Away’.

Falling into the electronic pop soundscape, ZELAH’s sonic prowess draws parallels to early London Grammar and The xx. Encapsulating a dark, curious atmosphere mixed with visceral energy, ‘Run Away’ is a heartbreak-fuelled war cry about a decaying relationship.

The track opens on a spacey note that luxuriates in a slower rhythm. Moving forward a tight, springy electric guitar veins the tune with just one ambient synth for accompaniment. Even when the guitar kicks in at the bridge, right before the final crescendo, it feels unobtrusive – careful not to overshadow the vocal dialogue.

ZELAH’s guiding philosophy seems to be less is more with the lead vocals acting as the protagonist. Throughout, the track seamlessly flits between light soulful tones to powerful, lingering notes that ignite searing intensity. Lyrically, it’s ferocious and anthemic with defiant cries of “I prefer me without you” and “I’m no longer yours”.

‘Run Away’ stands as a statement to be taken seriously by a band that appears to have all the goods for future success.

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