LISTEN: Videocean – ‘Fruitless Fever’

Born in a small back room in Peckham, Videocean’s ‘Fruitless Fever’ is a testament to the DIY innovation of the artists and musicians who are bringing the district into the creative limelight. Clocking in at just over four minutes, every second of this song is one of pure euphoria, of absolute sonic bliss which wraps around you and leaves you, for a brief moment, motionless, thoughtless, and completely intuitive.

It seems that Videocean are a band whose unique blend of Soul, Psychedelia and Shoegaze has been formed from that same intuition. Having developed their individual musical faculties whilst touring with other artists, each member’s musical influences are all equally apparent, amalgamating to form a song which defies categorisation, and which feels not only sonically organic, but also sentient. A glistening analogue synth weaves together dexterous groove-ridden basslines and intoxicating guitar played through a sweeping wah pedal, as richly resonant vocals ask the unanswerable question: ‘Am I the only one?’

‘Fruitless Fever’ sees Videocean move as unit. In many ways they are a hive mind rather than a band, remaining so perfectly synchronised with one another that one easily forgets that there are actually people behind these instruments. Videocean are a lean mean soul-gaze machine, allowing you to bust a move with ease and meditate on the futility of human existence in the same instance, kind of like going to a ’70s disco with Jean Paul Sartre. This track is quite simply an incredible achievement.

The debut single ‘Fruitless Fever’ is released now on all streaming and purchasing platforms. Find on iTunes here.

Check out Videocean’s upcoming shows below:

22nd June – Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney, London
23rd June – Off The Cuff, Herne Hill, London

Find Videocean on Facebook and Twitter.

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