LISTEN: Parkwave – ‘Frames’

Parkwave are an indie-rock band from Italy releasing their debut album ‘Better Than This’ on American label Friends records (Future Islands, Natural Velvet), and the fantastically titled Italian label, Bizarre Love Triangles. ‘Frames’ is the first single from it, and it contains all of the tropes of indie-rock past delivered in tasteful fashion. Whilst people are seemingly ever ready to sound the death knell for indie guitar music, tracks like this show that there are bands from all corners delivering a modern, exciting version of a sound previously thought of as stale.

Thick and driving layers of guitars kick the track off, before skittish drum rhythms usher in the verse. Vocal and guitar stabs work together to put the listener on edge before the dancey indie release of the chorus. As the track builds and builds, it eventually descends into anthemic rock in a kind of Editors meets Foo Fighters style. Check the track out for yourself below, and follow the link to your right to hear Parkwave’s debut album on Spotify.

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