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Many Things About…BOA

London-via-Bristol three piece BOA invigorate with an irresistible charm and an engrossing sonic flavour. Current single ‘Steal It’ reveals their best moment yet, a hands-in-the-air sizzler primed for all those pre-summer playlists and late-night raves. After winning the voting poll in the last edition of our #BitterSweetPlaylist, it seems that BOA have that fighting mentality to succeed.


Interview with…TOOTHLESS

Toothless is the new musical project from Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash, widely known for his excellent bass playing skills, its actually the rise of his own material that sees Nash taking the spotlight. Skewering the conception of one-time success, Toothless proves that Nash has plenty more to offer the world and furthermore, was destined […]


Interview with…ISLAND

ISLAND – the word beckons various connotations – a remote isle submerged in tropical paradise, majestic and solitary, one of physical being or metaphor, or maybe of personal meaning. In any stance, the band with the same name that hails from the capital are equally multifarious in nature. Raw elements combine to reinvigorate classic indie […]


Interview with…TEAM PICTURE

Leeds rebels Team Picture burst onto our radar with the seminal fuzz-rock of ‘Birthday Blues’, a visceral middle finger to alienation. Music like theirs must be cherished, and 2017 is seeing to this by providing a bunch of firsts for the band. Their debut show in Manchester see’s them popping their live performance cherry in […]


Interview with…GRYMM

Brighton rockers Grymm can be a behemoth of growling intent – riling and shaking with aplomb – then again the next minute, they turn around in gentle surrender, and what results is a beautiful reflection of the bipolar nature of their music. Take new single ‘OCD’ as the prime example, romantic tugs of guitar simper and tussle […]


Interview with…CARO

Caro, to a point, still remain quite anonymous in the eyes of their audience. The reason behind this lack of familiarity may not be out of shyness for the spotlight but simply because the trio still are in all terms considered, a newly formed band. But that’s not to say that the Leeds trio haven’t caused […]