In Conversation With…JADE BIRD

I am often a little apprehensive before I attend shows that rely solely on acoustic performers. Will the singing be up to scratch? Will the artists in question be able to generate enough dynamic contrast to keep it interesting? Will the exposed nature of the performance reveal songwriting inadequacies? The acoustic singer-songwriter genre suffers from […]


In Conversation With…FLYTE

London’s Flyte shift the perception of what it is to be a modern band; their music remains timeless through a love for the sounds of yesteryear and a pureness of natural dynamics. Since launching a collection of homemade videos filmed in a London flat, the four-piece have continued to retain the subtle charm of their […]


In Conversation with…SIVU

Sivu (aka James Page) traces the familiar with a distinct flavour of his own merit – shaped from experience, wrought by matters of a greater existence and expressed as emotional burrows into the essence of the human condition. Born in St Ives, relocation has seen the singer/songwriter move between the city and the further reaches […]

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Many Things About…BOA

London-via-Bristol three piece BOA invigorate with an irresistible charm and an engrossing sonic flavour. Current single ‘Steal It’ reveals their best moment yet, a hands-in-the-air sizzler primed for all those pre-summer playlists and late-night raves. After winning the voting poll in the last edition of our #BitterSweetPlaylist, it seems that BOA have that fighting mentality to succeed.