ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. As we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


OUTLYA always know how to reach for the stars, their neon-lit courage soars with pop sparkle and heady precision. For their first boogie of the year, ‘White Light’ rouses their biggest chorus to date and shares a wisdom not many pop songs can wield. Continuing the positivity, its lyrics encourage a feel-good spirit through the visualization of a sacred ‘white light,’ spotlighted as a reminder to embrace hope and to keep on going through the tough times. Where ambition meets heart, OUTLYA win hands down.


Born out of spontaneity, ‘Eat Me Whole’ brandishes Sea Girls’ expert knack for punchy hooks and buoyant vitality. The song came so naturally that the recording was complete within the day it was written, even now listening to it on a loop, it still feels as fresh as daisy and as buzzy as a wild frat party. Time and time again Sea Girls are showing up with a new track even better than the last, owning their ground and making sure we know it. An essential band that make us want to launch a mosh pit every single time their songs play. Guitar pop has never been in better hands.


Incisive rhythms launch Pip Hall’s bold brushstrokes to form a dominant atmospheric lure, echoing Haim’s scintillating snap and crackle pop. Emotions race like the anxious build of the track’s various musical components, the muddled direction doesn’t deter the song from achieving impact though. In fact, the variations in tempo and sound provide an intriguing nuance for discoveries to be made upon each listen. For a fascinating approach to song writing and composition, the left-field vibrancy of ‘Fire’ illustrates Pip Hall as a newcomer not to be taken lightly.


Returning to the scene after a longer hiatus than we would’ve liked, Reading’s Saltwater Sun have never felt more relevant. Rallying caustic commentary to high-speed rhythms and searing guitars, ‘The Wire’ is more than just a well-written indie rock heavy-hitter, it marks the sound of growing unrest. In a culture possibly too invested in the allures of personal gains and artifice, the increasing need to band together and stage an intervention is becoming more and more urgent. For their contribution to the cause, Saltwater Sun don’t just raise their voices, they raise their amps and their presence. More of this please.


The candidness of Sorcha Richardson is always startling. Her openness to share personal details in such an unapologetic light charmed with a poetic wit underlies the attraction. Her individuality as a songwriter stands her miles ahead of the rest, take new track ‘Can’t We Pretend’ for instance. A melancholy ensemble of guitar, synth and percussion that subtly drives a monologue of memory and admission towards its conclusion that life isn’t always picture-perfect, and sometimes the people we love the most become distant to us as a consequence of growing up. A harsh realization, but told by Miss Richardson it couldn’t be more beautifully realized.

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Photo credit (Saltwater Sun): Rosie Mackay

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