PREMIERE: Seagoth – ‘Internet Café’

Kill time, jump from the Hollywood sign.”

This lone lyric in Seagoth’s new single ‘Internet Café’ captures the essence of what she’s trying to do here. 18-year old Georgia Ochoa’s hazy bedroom pop is entirely for her, and yet because of that it taps into experiences that become universal.

Of the track’s origins, Ochoa reveals: ‘This specific quote was inspired by something I read about a woman named Peg Entwistle jumping from the letter H on the Hollywood sign in 1932. I thought that it was almost symbolic. She was an aspiring actress but things just weren’t working out for her, so she killed herself in the most attention seeking way. It reminded me of internet culture today.’

Ochoa contrasts lyrics of such subject matter with simple lilting piano riffs and minimalist drum beats, all composed in her bedroom off her GarageBand app. It’s a logical evolution from the sound on her debut EP House Party for Ghosts, released earlier this year. Despite such pared-down sound and recording equipment, its sound still somehow feels widescreen in vision.

‘Internet Café’ will be available for streaming on 27/09.

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Lee Whear
Amber Leaf-smoking lover of God-given rock & roll, also writes for Hooting & Howling and thnksfrthrvw

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