ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

On Repeat: the place where we round up the most exciting new music releases. Five tracks, all recently released, featuring artists we can’t get enough of right now – so almost certainly you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


Every song we’ve heard from KAWALA has been a joy to embrace, the duo capture a beautiful feel-good energy through infectious upturns of lyric, light-hearted melodics and duetting vocals. Equally vibrant is their new single ‘Runaway’ as a blistering bounty of life in all its spectrums, yet this one rallies to a more intimate beat. Starting small, an introspective dialogue opens with caution but it doesn’t outlast when KAWALA’s signature rhythmic propulsion dances in taking over the space with full intensity. The arrangement follows a pretty familiar path leading us to an emphatic climax of tempo drop, build, and grow. Another pleasing sunshine-doused gem from the duo.


A transatlantic collaboration of talent, DOMI reside in the UK currently but its members hail from near and far (Norway, the UK, Czech Republic and the USA). The group’s first single is a great collection of influence and ideas: taking root in the verse, a malaise of dark pop and syncopated beats before the chorus heads straight into a rush of drum and bass energy a la Rudimental. It’s an enticing and exciting range of internal dynamics, clever pacing and arrangement. For a first step it definitely places a firm spotlight on the band’s movements, if ‘Let Me Follow’ is a good indication of the road ahead then we’ll be listening intently.


‘Small’ is the second release from German native Freya Volk, but the first new material under new moniker: KAHLLA. Following trend from debut track Come with Me, ‘Small’ shows even more of Volk’s incredible songwriting talent as well as her blossoming artistic expression in production (‘Small’ is a co-production between KAHLLA and Paul Stanborough). It’s also a cut that brings to mind the raw, open-hearted truth-telling of acts like IDER, Billie Eilish, and Amy Shark with a barebones inner dialogue of revealing personal significance (but so very relatable). Respect to anyone who shares their story or closest feelings through their art, or just in daily life, if we’re first honest with ourselves then we can work together to make a more understanding world. A conversation starter and an evocative piece of electronic pop.


The first new material from Steven Bamidele in eight months, ‘Haunted’ is a tune crammed with the soulful candour that we’ve come to expect from the artist but this time it feels even more personal. Exposing in a way that highlights the song’s subject matter deeply and unvarnished, written about depression through the eyes of someone that has come out the other side but is still affected by the emotional experience. Bamidele’s music encourages those ‘lean in’ moments, more than just a mood but a swell of feeling, a rapture, to travel with the singer’s voice and let the magic do its thing. A spiritual experience maybe, it’s what you make it. A low-key getaway for the soul.


The essence of Heavy Heart’s shimmering alt-rock is a familiar mix of Lush, Wolf Alice and Middle Kids. Their new track, ‘Bed Bug’ is a good piece of songwriting and musicality to dive into regardless if you’re already a follower of the band or not. Spacious but not too atmospheric that you lose its visceral appeal, the guitars are prevalent in the mix as is a constant stab of snare moving the percussive elements along with highlights of impacting cymbals resonating in and out of focus, while a solitary bass remains anchored to key parts of the melodic rhythm section. It’s a nicely arranged ensemble that confidently displays Heavy Heart’s greatest assets: eye-catching dynamics, easy-to-follow narratives and intensely alluring vocals. A great all-rounder.

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Photo Credit [Heavy Heart]: Chiara Ceccaioni

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