HAWK continue to create a perfect balance between beautiful vocals and grungy guitar licks in this most recent release.

Activists to their core, the Irish band project their passionate nature through the song ‘Sin’. Julie Hawk’s inescapably haunting female voice puts emotion into every word, and women’s rights activists come to the forefront of your mind. The lyrics contrast between love and sin in a way reflective of the struggle to repeal the Eighth Amendment in Ireland. The emotive lyrics, “To reach your lips and kiss you” gives the impression of expressing love to others, even those who shame you, in order to create a better world and the track becomes strong through kindness, just as activists do.

In parts the song is relaxing, but with the crescendo of the guitars in the chorus it is given almost the feeling of the calm before the storm. The lyrics of the chorus, “Living in my sin,” suggest a comfort in who they are. It’s a song which embodies a powerful persona to reject the idea that the proclaimed ‘sin’ is something to be ashamed of, but is instead owned by the artists. In this way the guitars give power to the story of the vocals making the overwhelming feel of the track, gentle but consistent empowerment.

‘Sin’ finds strength both in activism, but also in an ethereal energy typical of HAWK’s sound. This energy invites the listener to dream up their own personal story and images alongside the empowering feeling. We can’t help but take something special away from every listen of the song.

The new single ‘Sin’ is released on Veta Records on 14th July.

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