LISTEN: Other Creatures – ‘Luxembourg’

Fashioning the most familiar sounds of ’90s indie rock, ‘Luxembourg’, the debut single from Dublin-based band Other Creatures plays out as a nostalgic anthem for the introverted teen – a ’90s sound sat in the corner of a 21st century party.

Luxembourg, not typically recognised for its rich musical history, this time acts as a goldmine of indie influences. The jangly guitars of Pavement, the wailing vocals of Pixies, preemptive blunt strums of the guitar and tempo changes reminiscent of a time where traditional song structures had no place in a cool kid’s music collection. Make no mistake however, ‘Luxembourg’ plays like a nod to such influences rather than trying to recycle. The music is tighter than the indie forefathers it evokes and has a modern pop feel making it original enough to avoid a roll of the eyes from those who still treasure the scene’s pioneers.

Sounding like the lovechild of James Mercer and the two guys from Empire of the Sun (somehow?) frontman Konrad Timon packs some pretty hefty vocal chords. With range to convey introspective solace and two-fingers up agitation through repeated refrains, Timon’s voice is tailor-made for the genre. Lyrically also; the repeated line: “I know you’re running,” sung first at a low, almost spoken tone before the tempo accelerates and same phrase is yelled, channels the early work of Modest Mouse. Perfect for crowds of fans to shout the words back, angling angst communally in a forum celebratory of the social othering seemingly familiar to the song’s protagonist.

It’s a confident beginning for Other Creatures. The music is mature and honed, making exemplary use of each member’s talents. The song begins with the words “I don’t know where to start,” an oxymoron perhaps, as ‘Luxembourg’ offers ample evidence of the opposite being true.

The single ‘Luxembourg’ is out now – and available on iTunes here.

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