LISTEN: Alexei Shishkin – ‘Pigeonhole’

Pigeonhole‘ is the new winter warmer from the NY via Portland musician and filmmaker Alexei Shishkin, taken from his forthcoming record, Happy Bday.

Crackly and rustling like an open fire, a repetitive guitar sets us on our way, followed by distorted drum roll fills and bobbling double bass before a stuttering electric guitar rolls in to mirror the vocal melody – great for those long bike rides round winding winter roads.

The lyrical honesty about self doubt is refreshing to say the least; the cute female vocal that supports Shishkin’s words in the chorus cementing the ongoing conversation he’s having with himself, a lovely touch. The West Coast influence is there for everyone to hear, there’s definitely that lo-fi, surfer, Mac DeMarco recording quality to it, which I get is a stylistic choice, but the levels don’t quite sit right in my ears as I struggle to stay focused to hear the lyrics in the chorus, which is a shame. The drums in the bridge (around the 1m 49s area) are just so unnecessary, way too many ghost notes and fills, I just felt like laughing, so overboard.

The instrumentation in this track is wonderful, it’s such a shame that it eventually suffers because of this bout of over the top drumming. Seems I’ve been “pigeonholed” by that instrument, oops.

The new album ‘Happy Bday’ is set for release via Forged Artifacts on October 19th, 2018. Pre-Order the record on various formats here.

Photo Credit: Graham W Bell

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