With so much great new music coming our way daily, we’ve compiled our favourites into an easily accessible format, aptly titled: #BitterSweetPlaylist. The idea is, once fully consumed, everyone has their shot at voting for their favourite track by means of the poll at the bottom of the page. We’ll tally up the votes and the winning act will get an in-depth feature. Spread the word, let’s make this thing huge.

Voting closes on 28th June 2017.

The Bohos – ‘Elliot’s Song’

Setting sail on hazy summer anthem territory, the second release from Liverpool’s Bohos twines great guitar thrash with sizzling pop hooks. Arriving somewhere between The Amazons and Peace, the foursome are quick to establish their own indie high with their raucous energy and pristine focus. Already gaining momentum on the live front, the band have seen in performances alongside DMAs and The Magic Gang, soon to be taking to the Liverpool Academy 2 stage for the single launch show on 7th July, it’s certain that anyone in the vicinity on the night will be in for riffs aplenty and bouncing splendour.

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Stereo Honey – ‘The Heart’

London troop Stereo Honey wriggle free of any genre blocks, their idiosyncratic style is original and refreshing to witness whether up close and in person, or just simply squirming and gliding through the speakers. Standout vocals draw a hook here and there to lock your attention to, but it’s the guitars particularly on this track which take centre-stage. Reverb waves wash over funky bass parts and primed snares, allowing enough breeze and groove to combine together in a kind of unison, so when the chorus reaches out, we are awe-struck by its glossy saunter. Stereo Honey are the real deal in our eyes, look out for them in a venue near you.

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Low Chimes – ‘Blood Orange’

Gaining praise from Guy Garvey and BBC 6Music’s Marc Riley, Stroud’s Low Chimes are making music for the soul. Drawing traditional elements together in a new contemporary way, the band’s methodology isn’t groundbreaking but it does reveal just how deep their talents and influences lie. Bringing to mind the pastoral folk-psychedelics of Syd Arthur, their second single ‘Blood Orange’ leads an exciting path towards their forthcoming debut album. We can’t wait to hear more.

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Hollow States – ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

Taken from the band’s latest EP, ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ furthers their synth-pop melancholy to crippling new levels. Coming from a place that feels immensely vulnerable, Hollow States are on the cusp of breaking down those emotional walls and opening up the door to real self reflection. Ultimately a sparse composition, creeping guitars outline percussive tambourine shimmers before an onslaught on synth rage hits as the mood thickens. This is a band not to miss, tune in.

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Softer Still – ‘Forever Faces’

Returning with a new body of work, Softer Still bridge the wait for the release with new single ‘Forever Faces’. A longing side glance to the times when Roxette and The Railway Children glittered the airwaves, unmistakably ’80s inspired, the track conspicuously uses shimmering guitars, sparkling electronics and lo-fi vocals to retain that classic pop sound.

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Marna – ‘Crossfire’

Whilst her lineage trawls the glitz and glamour of show business, London singer/songwriter Marna defies any preconception to derail her moves as an artist. The debut single ‘Crossfire’ reflects drama in its structural shifts, as subtle production meets flaring synth lines and weightless vapours of voice, further growth is given in the grounded verses where layered harmonies produce a strong pop hook for the lyrics to centre around and a chance for Marna’s emotional tug and pull to reach great magnitude. A stunning first move by all accounts.

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Park Hotel – ‘Going West’

The hotly tipped Londoners dive into disco funk on second single ‘Going West’. A Talking Heads vibe-out, featuring stylish Nile Rodgers-esque guitars and a flair of Arcade Fire. Neon lit synths highlight a funky stomp as the band members share vocal duties and an equally tantalising charisma.

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Sloan Peterson – ‘105’

Australia’s own Sloan Peterson references a love for the classics on ‘105’, all together with a modern spark. An artist famously influenced by a collection of the greats including Elvis, Nancy Sinatra and Bowie, what springs to mind when listening to ‘105’ is her skill in adopting a fantastic driving rhythm section – certainly a core quality to all those ’50s / ’60s pop moments. With a rough-edged rawness to the recording and a thumping garage-rock aesthetic, visions of Angel Olsen and Marika Hackman spring forth. Ultimately though, all these reference points are nothing compared to Peterson as a unique entity – she holds her own regardless.

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IV League – ‘Sylvia’

Melbourne indie darlings IV League impact a jangly concourse of Drums-ish fun on ‘Sylvia’. Surging with a coastal fever, the prime element of this track are the guitars as they roll at full speed in a determined fashion. Bella Venutti recounts the rushes of teenage fixation and careless days of small town happenings, it’s all very relatable and sweet. IV League are perfect listening for when you need a pick me up or just a simple escape from boredom.

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FAIRCHILD – ‘So Long and Thank You’

Leading the announcement of the six-piece’s debut album is title track ‘So Long and Thank You’, a piece of music which the band holds near and dear. A pert slice of indie dance rock to shake out all the characters – restrained / serious / sexy / showy. The highlights are aplenty but rising that little bit higher is the huge guitar solo nearing the track’s close, that’s one for the history books. If the singles are anything to go by, then this full length will be one to savour for many many years.

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The winning artist will be treated to a grilling in our ‘Many Things About…’ segment, which works to uncover all those pesky little fun facts that we don’t know about them already, so get voting and make your artist proud (if not slightly nervous)!

Listen to previous winner BOA with their song ‘Steal It’ below.

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