LISTEN: Swerve – ‘Swerve EP’

Equipped with sparkling guitar lines and a rousing sense of optimism, Birmingham quartet Swerve’s self-titled EP is a relaxing, laid-back collection of shoegaze ditties.

The tracks are rough and ready in nature, but with the twinkling of falsetto and shifts in tempo, such as on Blue Sunset, it’s by no means a thoughtless affair. Meanwhile, the simplicity of Daydream settles the listener into a state not dissimilar to the song’s title, whilst opening track Afterglow takes its time in revealing all that is to come.

Marking both the release of this collection and their newly christened record label Modern Needs Records, the four track EP is set to be released both digitally and on a limited run of red vinyl.

Swerve’s EP is out now, buy the EP on bandcamp here.

Connect with Swerve on Facebook and Twitter.

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