ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. Because we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


Taking the starring role of their debut EP, ‘Nothing to Lose’ welcomes the return of Park Hotel. The live favourite is disco-ball heaven, flirting copiously with melody and intoxicating rhythms the Tim Abbey and Rebeca Marcos Roca-spearheaded five piece celebrates all that’s good about dancefloor pop, funk, electronica and disco. Proving there is still desirability in the art scene, mainstream values are shifted for alternative perspective yet mass appeal is not thrown out of the window, and it is certainly more likely when Park Hotel’s hook-doused sensitivity is at play. A stellar performance piece ready to take its listener to far-flung destinations.


Byron Bay brothers turned European transplants, Tennyson and Holden Nobel’s take on indie pop is of the easy-going approach. Vibrant with sun-sprinkled synths and soft acoustic strum, ‘Touchdown’ is the buoyant antidote to world-weary winter blues daring its listener to be present in the moment and “to get a little closer.” It’s a love song of sorts to refocus the mind on what’s important: emotional connection, to never lose sight of our nearest and dearest amongst the hive of daily life. Following on from debut release ‘Mirage,’ Imbibe’s infectious songwriting continues to offer sparks of glistening brilliance with a lightness of touch and a charming likability. A band to keep an eye firmly focussed on.


Moon Panda, the moniker under which Californian songwriter Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke collaborate, releases a second single. The swaying structure takes in vapours of relaxed rhythm and woozy melody for a sub-four minutes of tantalizing reflection. Moon Panda elegantly captures the rapturous beauty of the human mind and its ever-changing moods through the use of intelligently subtle but altering time signatures, moving between 6/8 in the verse and 4/4 in the chorus. Delightfully mesmeric, ‘Gun’ is another stunning moment from the young band.


Sweet tempered flares of hazy instrumentation meets the structure of a repetitive beat, it’s a hypnotic introduction to the latest single from Danish musician, J. Bruno. ‘Lose Yourself’ builds from its sparse beginnings, layering more sound into the mix to texture the distance between modern pop sophistication and timeless soul-funk groove. Creating a light-as-air fusion of spectral wooze pop, psychedelic streams and alluring croons of voice. The song is simple in lyrical terms, allowing for the gradual incrementations of intensity to softly land and impact at a greater magnitude. A wonderfully crafted track of the memorable kind.


Opening the gates to new material from Leif Erikson, is ‘Matter’. Preluding a more extensive work due early in the New Year, the track explores the band’s evocative experimentalism and nuanced songwriting. Awash with lingering sensations and fragrant musicality, it’s a statement of intent for future endeavours – bold, exploratory and languorous. Leif Erikson prompts investigation, their music isn’t necessarily straightforward, it invokes deeper contemplation; a full bodied listen. On first glance ‘Matter’ is a free-flowing vigour of jam-style atmospherics, through continuous examinations it’s whatever you make of it: an enlightened free-form of style, a pensive hybrid of rolling dynamic, a hint of Americana and a touch of jazz. Nonetheless, it’s music to savour.

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Photo Credit [Leif Erkison]: Paul Phung

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